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Marketing Automation Services

While most web analytics data can provide insight into the behavior and sources of your visitor data, only Internet marketing automation services can help business owners drill down into the exact queries leading to site conversions. 360it Bali marketing automation services include taking your leads from the top of the marketing funnel through the sales-ready process, providing custom reporting, and so much more.

Marketing Automation can change your business

Businesses that are looking to take advantage of the multitude of marketing services available on the Internet often feel overwhelmed with the variety of options available. But being aware that success with online marketing requires a strategy that provides a high return on investment (ROI) is only one piece of the marketing puzzle. 

Internet marketing automation is extremely useful, regardless of what the rest of your strategy involves. It can help you reach your goals at a fraction of the cost, with an additional level of provided value for even higher ROI.

What is Marketing Automation?

Build Targeted Lists

Execute The Campaign

Measure Email/Website Activity

Segment Based On Activity

Route Leads To CRM

Analyze Marketing/Sales Performance.

Connecting the dots along the buyer journey

Marketers want to know how much of the sales pipeline comes from marketing, and what percentage of leads convert to revenue.

The real question is, what are the best practices for companies building a high growth and productive revenue engine? The only constant today is that marketing can no longer be just a cost center, but needs to drive and build environments and activities that generate revenue performance. 

From planned campaigns to rapid response strategies and digital perpetual leverage processes, the supporting components define the fundamental pieces of a strategy known as Revenue Performance Management.

  • Platform selection, setup, and website integration
  • Goal setting and strategy
  • Email list acquisition (when applicable) and customer/prospect email list segmentation.
  • Content creation (copywriting) and sequencing.
  • Tracking and reporting.

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